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Stones in Water

Babette Lightner's Offerings

Babette-Elves Chasm - D. White

Alexander Technique, LearningMethods™, Wholeness in Motion™ & Patterns of Joy™

Ease & Balance
Presence & Clarity
Freedom in Performance
Get to the Root Cause of Pain & Stress

A New Model of Human Structure & Function
Change Habits of Movement & Thinking
The Human Side of Ergonomics
Self knowledge/Self Direction
Burnout Prevention
Joy in Movement

Stones in Water helps you change the unconstructive physical habits, thoughts and misconceptions that underlie many pain, injury, stress & performance problems. This common sense approach allows you to:

  • Get out of pain cycles & performance ruts once and for all. 
  • Gain the knowledge to heal & prevent future injury.
  • Get out of your own way & discover unimagined possibilities.
  • Enhance your ability to facilitate change and learning in others.
  • Experience the miracle of your own system just as you are right now!
  • Enjoy a greater understanding of how your system works.

At the heart of this material is the goal to give you the means to make healthy choices. You'll learn simple tools to guide yourself (your students) out of unnecessary or chronic problems. Discover your natural ability to understand & listen to the signals your system is already giving you to guide you toward greater wholeness, presence, ease and clarity.  If you are a teacher, coach, manager or parent  this knowledge can deepen and clarify your work with others.

I offer:

What's New
On-Line LearningMethods

On-line LearningMethods™ Classes–Music Educators Group and In-depth LearningMethods™ Group

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Wholeness in Motion

Try Wholeness in Motion on-line!

I am piloting teaching Wholeness in Motion™ on-line via Web-ex. The options I am looking at are Monday, Wednesday from 7:15 to 8:00 AM CST for a morning movement class. Saturday mornings would be a more in-depth 1 1/2 hour class, time to be determined.

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 Your Inner-Compass • Patterns of Joy™

Exploratorium Articles
A feature of my periodic journal is the Exploratorium article. Each article gives you something to explore to invite ease and peace in your life. The Exploratorium page on the LearningMethods™ website has a collection of these articles originally called Tips for Making Life Easier. They are a good way to get a sense of my approach.
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Stones in Water

The winter 2016 Stones In Water™ Journal is out.

Read past Journals on the Newsletter page.
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